Vital Signs: Stories from Intensive Care by Ken Hillman

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Vital Signs: Stories from Intensive Care

Vital Signs: Stories from Intensive Care Ken Hillman


ISBN : 9781742230955


240 pages

Written by a practicing intensive care clinician, this unique collection shares the experiences of intensive care patients and their families. Demonstrating how ordinary people cope in the face of terrible tragedies, this inspiring account journeysMoreWritten by a practicing intensive care clinician, this unique collection shares the experiences of intensive care patients and their families. Demonstrating how ordinary people cope in the face of terrible tragedies, this inspiring account journeys inside an intensive care unit and reveals the daily struggles of caring staff members in this critical environment. Filled with humorous and heartbreaking moments, this compilation will appeal to healthcare students as well as those dealing with the death of a loved one.

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Ken Hillman

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  • Vital Signs: Stories from Intensive Care

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